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MA 01104

    Junk cars for cash Massachusetts is a proven gold mine for people with old cars lying around on their property. Most of the people we have bought old rusting or broken cars from couldn’t believe that they were getting paid that much for it. A few of them were even under the impression that would have to pay someone to take it away. After selling to us they couldn’t imagine doing it any other way! Our experienced and very well equipped team will come to you and remove your vehicle quickly and safely. When they are all done you will hear a knock at the door and someone will hand you cash. It’s just that simple!

    When it comes to western Massachusetts we are your best bet. Our competitive offers and the team that comes to haul away the vehicle are unmatched in their ability to quickly and safely remove every piece of the car off of your property. The entire process is painless and could even be fun! The kids definitely love seeing our enormous trucks and watching a car being lifted onto them is amazing. What kind of vehicles do we take away? We take everything. From old tractors half buried in the dirt, maybe even converted into a prop, to cars that were driving just days before the transmission went. You don’t need to call a junk yard if your car has been totaled in an accident, our offers are much better and we will come and get it from you!

    With the way things are done today it’s not often you get handed cash for something you thought was a piece of junk. There is no approval process and we don’t write checks. Junk cars for cash Massachusetts prides itself on making it as easy and profitable for our clients as their business is to us.